Services We Offer

Transitional Accommodation for successful reintegration

Group Therapy

Individual Therapy

Social Work Intervention
-Individual Development Plan (IDP)
-Personal Assessment (Meyers & Briggs)
-Life Skills
-Family Intervention Sessions
-Family Day Social Visits
-Personal Development Evaluations
-Professional Letters acquired; e.g. court cases, children visitations, etc.

The 12 Steps Program (NA, AA, CA)

Relapse Prevention Program / Support and linking to community resources
-NA Groups (Narcotics Anonymous)
-CA Groups (Cocaine Anonymous)
-Church attendance
-Church activities, e.g. Home Cell
-Medical assistance from Proffessionals as needed
-Psychologists evaluations (Outsourced)
-Psychiatric support (Outsourced)
-Hospitalisation (Outsourced)
-Doctor visits (Outsourced)
-Dental visits (Outsourced)

Employment skills
-"Job Hunting" - Career building support

DevelopMENTAL study material, e.g
-Boundaries - Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend
-Finishing Strong - Steve Farrar
-Switch on your brain - Dr Caroline Leaf
-Ordering your private world - Gordon McDonald
-Purpose driven life - Rick Warren
-Various other personal development tools.

Our Program Includes

1. Relapse prevention program e.g. emotions and mental issues.
2. Physical wellbeing will also be encouraged. Mind and body are equally important in total recovery.
3. Personal Finance Management - Residents will be encourage to budget for meals, purchasing of groceries.
4. Social Skills - residents will be preparing meals in groups together.
5. Basic Chores - allocated house chores will encourage them to be part of the community will teach them basic skills of life.
6. Random drug screening administered.
7. Daily group meetings
8. Church attendance
9. Life coaching sessions
10. Volunteer Psychologist for groups sessions occasionally.
11. Volunteer Pshyciatrist for groups sessions occasionally.